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Artificial Intelligence

Learn how artificial intelligence is helping businesses accelerate, augment and automate their processes and discover career opportunities in this emerging field.

Big Data

Get started with big data, find out about the skills you need to build career and learn about new tools and techniques that help us analyze massive amounts of data.


Being the most popular form of distributed ledger technology, Blockchain changes the fabric of digital business. Discover basics as well as businesses adoption models.

The Business of Technology

Continued innovation challenges our ability to apply technologies in new and interesting ways. Use our resources to transform the way you do business.

Cloud Computing

Navigate cloud computing as an integral part of IT and find questions to how the cloud works, careers in cloud computing and which cloud solutions may work for you.

Computer Networks

Whether you’re a network technician, network engineer or even work in another specialty, like cybersecurity, let CompTIA help you keep up with networking trends and technology.


CompTIA’s resources covering cybersecurity and IT security. Learn about cybersecurity basics, cybersecurity best practices, cybersecurity certifications and cybersecurity careers.


Stay up to date on the rapidly evolving drone space and what it means to your business – whether you’re already in it or considering its opportunities.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Whether you just want to know what IoT is, or how the internet of things affects your business, we’ve compiled a comprehensive set of resources to answer your questions.

IT Career Center

Your IT career is about technical skills, soft skills and business skills. Find resources designed to help IT pros and students add to their tech education and start their careers.

IT Support and Help Desk

Explore the world of IT support and find out more about entry-level tech support jobs, IT support salaries and IT training programs that can help you launch your career.

IT Workforce

The tech workforce continues to show strong growth with technical skills remaining high in-demand. Learn more about jobs, average IT salaries and tech career paths.

Smart Cities

As technology is enabling interconnected marvels of convenience and efficiency, explore our resources to keep up with industry trends and tools that matter.

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

AR and VR provide are moving mainstream and are in-demand. Learn how AR/VR works, how can it enhance technology products and to start a career in AR/VR.