Certified International Specialist in Data Modeling

Certified International Specialist in Data Engineering (22 – 24 August 2022) at Data Academy Training Center
*Update : OFFLINE
Normal Price : Rp 8.721.429
Discount Price : Rp 6.105.000

  1. Introduction to Data Science
  2. Introduction to Statistic for Data Science
  3. Common statistic used by Data Science
  4. Introduction to Data Science Tools (Python)
  5. Install and use package
  6. Basic Python syntax
  7. Connect and explore your data
  8. Numpy for data manipulation
  9. Graphical and numerical techniques to begin uncovering the structure of data
  10. Import, build, and manipulate Data Frame
  11. Tidy, rearrange, and structure data
  12. Introduction to Data Science Methodology
  13. Apply Data Science with Classification (Decision Tree) Model Apply Data Science with Estimation (Regression) Model

Start Time

22-Aug-2022 09:00

Finish Time

24-Aug-2022 16:00