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The problem facing is that Indonesia
needs Data Science Talents and market
lack of qualified supply.

Industry and Corporation need resources with skills Data Science Talent. There is a significant gap between the competencies taught in academia and the skills needs by the industry. It marks the talent gap on process link and match between University and Industry.

  • Training
  • Certification
  • Research Program
  • Development of Data Science Curriculum

University needs guidance from practitioners and industry experts for ensuring education knowledge and skill delivered to the student are fit with demand from industry. Cybertrend Data Academy (CDA) took this opportunity in filling Gaps between demands coming from the industry by providing a data science learning center that becomes central data science training for corporate and university. CDA develops syllabus related to data science and engaged with the National & International certification board in order to get acknowledgment in data science education.

CYBERTREND DATA ACADEMY responds to what market condition regarded the data talent needs in Indonesia: demand of data talent is huge but lack of qualified supply, the absence of existence agile educational program, lack of real industry business case playground and program mentorship.

With valuable, fun and real enjoyment learning experiences provided by CYBERTREND DATA ACADEMY (CDA), students learn how to process data from the fundamental level to the advance skills in area data analysis, data modeling and data visualization. Fostering data skills with CDA at the classroom in Universities and Vocational Schools, crafting a very positive learning experience. The excitement and energy that the lecturers, teachers and students are bringing extraordinary experiences that triggering spirit and enthusiasm to CYBERTREND DATA ACADEMY team to do more and more for the advancement of Data Science Education in Indonesia.

Learning by
Real Business Use Cases
Learn from Expert
Standardize Qualification
with Certification
Real Cases Experiences
with Research Program

Training Track Program

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