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where you can review common questions and contact our customer service team.

Where i can see training schedule and price?
For public training schedule or online event you can check in the website or subscribe social media for cybertrend data academy.
How to get training in Data Academy
In order to join data academy training which you have been interest, you can contract training@www.dataacademy.co.id or you can go to its website contact to register for the training
Is Data Academy available for Classroom training or Virtual Training
We provide virtual training, classroom training and also hybrid training.
How to reschedule public training
To reschedule public training you can choose the same training that suits your schedule and inform us through email to training@www.dataacademy.co.id
Can you deliver training in english
Yes we also deliver training in english upon request
Do you have special programme for Student
Yes, we have special program from student range from SMA/SMK to University Student.
My University would like to join with this program how to register
Yes, if you are working in university or lecturer you can contact our sales to have presentation to your University then moving forward to have collaboration with University. to get our sales please send email to contact@dataacademy.co.id
Can Data Academy held training outside of Jakarta
Yes we can have classroom training outside jakarta area, we also have experience and training abroad
Can we Customise training Programme
Yes, we can customize training program for corporate or group of people with minimum 8 persons
We want to prepare our new hire for data science, how Data Academy can help us
One of Data Academy purpose is to help corporate having its digital transformation successful. we can build custom program to prepare talent in order to have analytic or even data scientist competency
Can we use our internal data for training
Yes you can use your internal corporate data for training in form of customize training or training program or workshop
How to register exam for DASCA
After all the administration and requirement for exam completed. Data Academy will register to myDASCA and email registration will be sent to you registered email address
How to register exam for PASAS
After all the administration and requirement for exam completed. Data Academy will register to PASAS exam Provider ( Cprovision), Your user and exam schedule will be in a provision account.
How to reschedule the exam for DASCA
If you wish to reschedule your exam, you must login to you myDASCA account 72 hours prior to your scheduled examination. You can reschedule your examination without paying any extra fees. For more details on rescheduling your exam please
How to reschedule the exam for PASAS
If you wish to reschedule your exam, you can send email to training@dataacademy. co.id we will help you to schedule your exam
If I'm not pass the exam can I have a re-take
Yes, You can take Retake after all administration for retake is completed
How long is the certification valid for PASAS
All PASAS Certification is Valid for 3 years
How long is the certification valid for DASCA
Dasca Credential is based on type of certification. ABDA & ABDE is 3 Years while SBDA,SBDE, SDS is 5 Years